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Private Training programs are designed to get you as fit as possible while being motivating & fun!
Individual Training – Strength training programs are based on taking you through a proven 20 week 5 phase plan with one goal: Get you as fit as possible!
Group Strength Classes offer variety with different exercises for each phase ensuring fitness gains.



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“2011 Excellence in Customer Satisfaction”
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“Best Peninsula Personal Trainer”
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Al Painter - Integrate Performance Fitness, Palo Alto CA
Al Painter, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, BA

Al Painter is a personal training who believes that core strength is the common denominator to all successful movement. Read more.

Al is also the Fitness Editor for; in addition to being a cast member on the site’s podcast, as well as FitPro Expert on Read more.




INTEGRATE Performance Fitness  – Into your life, into your health, into longevity!

Are you considering a Fitness Trainer or Fitness Program?  INTEGRATE Performance Fitness is located in Palo Alto, CA and is available for semi-private (2-3 people) and large group sessions.

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About Al Painter, BA, NASM-CPT, CES, PES & Fitness Trainer

Al Painter is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist as well as an Corrective Exercise Specialist. He also holds a degree in Communications from Santa Clara University. His area of specialty is endurance athlete specific strength training.

Check out why people rave about INTEGRATE Performance Fitness!

Al has also been named “Best Bay Area Personal Trainer” by CitySports Magazine as well as being the recipient of a “People’s Choice Award” from Palo Alto Daily News.

Latest Articles

Busy Parents: 4 Ways to Fit In Fitness At Home


Conveniently effective at home fitness tools!

Conveniently effective schedule friendly at home fitness tools!

Can I just say WOW! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! The awesome I speak of is the third installment of the “Sharknado” trilogy (with confirmation of the fourth one next summer!!).

This time around the entire eastern seaboard was in peril from ferocious flying fish feasting on anyone in sight. If you missed it, you’re a horrible human being. If you watched it, well, you aren’t.

The way I saw it was on my iPad so it wouldn’t be on the TV lest the wee humans I live with not be traumatized for life. On that note, having little folks at home presents a bit of a “schedule-nado” as it were in terms of trying to find the time to fit in fitness.

With that being said, I’ve got a new guest post on the Goldilocks Training blog that is a guide to exercise or busy parents. If you live in San Francisco, you should definitely be training with Alison. She is an amazing trainer that will give you a killer workout.

Back to the topic at hand. Busy parents, fitness strategies from one parent to others. Click over to have a read and learn how to fit in fitness with an impacted schedule.

If you’re a busy parent in the Silicon Valley looking for help with a strategy to fit in fitness, click here to contact me and we will set up a time to create a schedule friendly exercise program.

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Review: Fitness Made Simple With The LifeLine USA Jungle Gym XT


The LifeLine USA Jungle Gym XT

When you do the majority of your workouts at home, convenient fitness is one of the biggest components. If it takes too much time to set up, too complex to use or needs to many things, chances are you won’t do it. Enter the LifeLine USA Jungle Gym XT (JGXT)  for $99 and those three things are easily remedied.

You don’t need a ton of things to improve your fitness levels as evidenced by the fact that you can get a long way to strong using just body weight. Add in the JGXT and fitness now is a lot easier to come by in the convenience of your home.

I really like this piece of equipment for home exercise. It can be set up quickly, is incredibly easy to use and all you need is you to make it work. That is a check, check and check for the three things you need for home fitness that I’ve already mentioned.

Think of doing a moving plank with all of the exercises the JGXT allows you to do, and you’ve got a heck of a core strength fitness tool at your disposal. You can push, pull, squat, hinge and lunge your way to improved fitness. There are also videos on the LifeLine USA website that show you how to use it as well.

I’ve previously written why I am a big fan of the Jungle Gym XT because of its value, portability and effectiveness for at home fitness equipment.

You can squat, hinge, push, pull and plank (every way possible) yourself to a much stronger core, and that’s a good thing. It is a great stand alone fitness tool as well as the perfect complimentary component to bodyweight, free weight or exercise band workouts.


Dual attachments points, price, variety of exercises, Lifeline customer service, product durability, ease of entry into the foot holders, ease of strap length adjustment, simplicity of attachment.


The red strap tips don’t stay in place and slide down. You can’t just turn around from pushups to pulling without changing hands and switching the handles.

Bottom Line

For at home or outdoor fitness, its hard to beat the value, effectiveness and convenience of the Lifeline USA Jungle Gym XT. Since I’ve used the JGXT, I’ve become a big fan of dual attachment points when it comes to this kind of fitness training. I still think the TRX system is an amazing piece of equipment that can help you get plenty strong.

I just prefer being able to move the straps around independently. Particularly for pushups, I find that pretty wide angle between the handles hammers my pecs into oblivion really well, helps me feel my core more and allows me hit the muscular mark that much easier.

If you’ve got one of these, and would like to learn how to use it and you live in the Silicon Valley, drop me a line and we can set up a time to put together one of my Done For You Fitness Programs.






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Small Group Training: Wallet Friendly Fitness That Gets Results


Get fit faster with friends.

Every team that wins a championship always points to one major reason for their success: team chemistry. A group of people working together toward a common goal. Having played on and coached championship teams, I can completely verify this is a real thing that is critical to success.

I’ve been around teams that have had massive amounts of talent but couldn’t pull together as a unit to succeed. I’ve also been a part of the other side of the coin and enjoyed the magic and seen first hand what a cohesive group of teammates can achieve.

With exercise, it is no different. You will always reach a higher level of success if you are part of a group than you will on your own.

When I was racing my mountain bike, I’d always train harder and push myself a lot more in a group of people that I did on my own. The result was that I reached a higher level of fitness, raced better and had more fun competing.

You can do the same thing with your fitness program with small group training.

What is small group training?

An incredibly high level of training that gets you individual attention in a group setting. There a ton of benefits to training with one to two other people at the same time:.

1) More people = more energy

Training on your own is tough because the person cracking the whip on you is, well, you. If you have an off day, its easy for 10 reps to become 5 as well as four sets becoming two, etc that can quickly create gaps in your fitness gains. Training with a group is pretty energizing and all but eliminates you in getting in the way of you and higher levels of fitness.

2) More motivation

Working with other people has always motivated me to work harder. I’m accountable to other people, and instead of just letting down the one you see in the mirror when you slack, you might become that person on social media who missed a workout.

Train with others, the chances of this go down quite a bit. Your training partners become your teammates!

3) Faster Results

I HATED doing :30 second sprints on my bike. The only time I could mentally get up to do these was when there was a group to suffer with. While they hurt like hell, I didn’t want to be that person who gave in first. That helped me to get fit a lot faster by pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do alone.

4) Individual Goals Met in a Group Setting

Small group training combines the best aspects of supportive, inclusive, team-based motivation and the benefits of individualized training and goal achievement. You get your program, you are just doing it while one to two other people are doing theirs.

5) Working in a Group is Wallet Friendly Fitness

Individual 1:1 training is typically $30-$40 more per session than working in small groups.  Working in small groups can save you quite a bit of money as you share the costs of working with a trainer for an hour instead of picking up the tab on your own.

6) You Make New Fitness Friends

Exercise in a group, create new relationships and make new friends. If you are hanging out with friends you are much more apt to show up to train.

These are also great settings to expand your career network. I’ve seen that happen several times. I’ve even trained people in a group that ended up getting married!

7) It is MORE Fun

Misery loves company, especially in an exercise setting. Even though working out can be “challenging” from time to time, having other people to suffer, I mean experience that with always makes it easier. Done the right way, you should always laugh almost as much as you train. That’s my approach and it works really well.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to start to take advantage of working with a small group to hit your fitness goals faster, live in the Silicon Valley and want to have a blast getting in better shape, drop me line. We will set up an eval and pair you up with your new fitness friends.

If you want some amazing nutrition advice, drop a not to Daniella Dayoub from DFitLife and let her help you fuel your fitness goals.


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