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Al Painter - Integrate Performance Fitness, Palo Alto CA
Al Painter, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, BA

Al Painter is a personal training who believes that core strength is the common denominator to all successful movement. Read more.

Al is also the Fitness Editor for; in addition to being a cast member on the site’s podcast, as well as FitPro Expert on Read more.




INTEGRATE Performance Fitness  – Into your life, into your health, into longevity!

Are you considering a Fitness Trainer or Fitness Program?  INTEGRATE Performance Fitness is available for semi-private (2-3 people) and large group sessions. Workouts take place at Bay Area Fitness and Nutrition in Mountain View.

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About Al Painter, BA, NASM-CPT, CES, PES & Fitness Trainer

Al Painter is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist as well as an Corrective Exercise Specialist and TRX Qualified Trainer. He also holds a degree in Communications from Santa Clara University.

His area of specialty is endurance athlete specific strength training as well as helping busy parents fit in fitness at home!

Check out why people rave about INTEGRATE Performance Fitness!

Al has also been named “Best Bay Area Personal Trainer” by CitySports Magazine as well as being the recipient of a “People’s Choice Award” from Palo Alto Daily News.

Latest Articles

5 Exercises Every Triathlete Should Do


Training for a triathlon can be brutal, training for one while you’ve aches and pains is worse. It doesn’t have to be this way, and if you pull up a chair, your favorite cup of coffee and non-GMO organic snack of choice (hey, I work with Daniella from DFitLife, its my lot in life to eat like this now!) I’m going to learn you (as my father used to say) some fun exercises to help you train longer feeling stronger.

In past rants, I mean posts, I’ve “touched” on most endurance athlete specific strength training programs containing exercises that look nothing, very little and not at all like swimming, riding or running. A very big fitness fail, and from what I’ve seen since 2006, a less efficient way of strength training.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to obtain such information. Plus you’ll usually get a little sarcasm and a Batman reference or two in addition to an education in exercise. If my obvious modesty and humility hasn’t caused you to leave my blog and head elsewhere by now, I thank you.

Ok, so back to the topic at hand, getting triathletes stronger. The good news is, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get there.

Typically the triathletes I work with:

  • Have hampered glute function (leading to knee, low back, hip and ankle issues)
  • Have reduced range of motion in the shoulders, hips and mid back (potentially causing almost too many things to list in terms of how this breaks them)
  • Have under active lats (which gets in the way of swimming performance)

With that being said, once you break a movement pattern, you’ve got to figure out why, what’s weak, what’s overactive and what do you have to do correct that. It goes way beyond stretching tight muscles and foam rolling. That helps, but your muscle both tighten and knot up for a reason: something is weak and it caused your body to go on lock down to protect your joints.

Enter the following exercises to give you a fighting chance against that. They are all done standing, look like endurance sports and go a long way to helping/preventing broken movement patterns.

Huge thanks to Alison from Goldilocks Training for collaborating on the videos. She’s an amazing trainer, her classes are awesome and if you live in San Francisco, you need to be training with her.

Single Arm TRX Row

This is a great exercise to tie in the diagonal loading patterns that endurance athletes need to perform well. It will connect the opposite and hip in a big way and I’m a big fan of it. Plus, it hits the upper back muscles that can help keep your posture in check.


TRX Side Lunge with Leg Raise

Since endurance sports only take place in one plane of motion, I really like this exercise for undoing that. It is also a really good “anti-sitting” exercise as well because it opens up the hips laterally.


Lunging Palloff Press

I really like this exercise for a few reasons. It builds lateral stability and strength in the hips and core in addition to dynamically stretching the quads and hip flexors in the downward motion of the lunge.

1/2 Kneeling Cable Chop

Like the Palloff Press, this is a good anti-rotation core exercise. You’ll stretch the hip flexors on the down knee side as well engage the glutes as the hands go back to the start position. Really solid diagonal loading pattern.


1/2 Kneeling Cable Lift

Want to engage the glutes, core and release a little hip flexor tension? This exercise will do it. The key is o absolutely own your rib cage as your hands go up so the rib cage doesn’t flair. You also want to have minimal to no movement in the trunk at all. The less it moves, the more you’ll feel the core.

If you are a Silicon Valley triathlete and want an endurance athlete specific strength training program, contact me and let’s set up a time to meet to put one together. If you live in San Francisco, get in touch with Alison and set up a Goldilocks Training appointment.

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3 Essential Core Strength Moves for Runners

3414064391_2eb4a3cdff_oRunners, your performance gains/losses are directly tied into how well your opposite hip and shoulder are connected through your core. This is a critical area of the body that needs to be addressed in all of your core strength workouts to maximize your time in the gym.

With that being said, here are three essential exercises that hit these patterns really well. Do them 2-3x/week (assuming you’ve received a thorough eval from  a trainer, PT or your doc and are cleared for exercises like this btw!) and you’ll begin building a solid diagonal loading foundation from which to run.

Remember, exercises that look like running are always much better to do than ones that don’t. Getting off the floor to work your core is always best for endurance athletes.

HUGE thanks to my Partner in PE Alison Corcoran from Goldilocks Training in San Francisco for her help with the videos. Look for more great content from Al and Al in the not too distant future!

Suspension Training Workshop August 25, 2015

On that note, I’m doing a suspension training workshop for triathletes with Daniella Dayoub from DFitLife on Tuesday August 25, 2015 at 6:30pm. If you’re a triathlete living in the Silicon Valley, hit this link and sign up to learn common form fouls, why they happen and how to correct them.

TRX Pistol Squat

This is a monster muscle mover for the lower body. Hip stability, hip strength, core control and opposite joints working together. If you’ve got knee or low back pain, you’re NOT eligible for this exercise. Find out why, correct it and then have a trusted strength training resource watch you to make sure you are doing it right.


Cable Pulley/Exercise Band Split Stance Push/Pull

It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to improving running performance. It involves every muscle of the core, upper and lower body that fires/stabilizes diagonally when you run. Master this move, make it stronger and it should help quite a bit. Do NOT start out with heavy loads. This is VERY MUCH a progressive exercise in terms of intensity and weight. Slow and steady definitely wins the race here.


Over Head + Hang Position Loaded March in Place

I really like this exercise for core control, shoulder stability and hip stability. ONLY IF, and that’s a HUGE if you can stand with your back against a wall, put your arms overhead and have your shoulders, arms and the back of head in COMPLETE with the wall. There should also only be enough room to fit your fingers in between your low back and the wall.

If you can get your whole hand in between your low back and the wall, and any of these other metrics don’t match up, you need to build more upper back and shoulder mobility BEFORE you do this. If you can complete the above mentioned correctly and without discomfort of any kind, enjoy!

If you are a Silicon Valley runner and you want a dedicated running specific core strength performance improvement program, contact me and let’s set up some time to put one together.

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Suspension Training for Triathletes Tues August 25, 2015

FullSizeRenderppppAre you interested in using a suspension trainer, but feel intimidated or unsure about how to use it?  Do you already use one and wonder if your form is right?  Are you stumped for new exercises to do on it and why?

Come join Al Painter of INTEGRATE Performance Fitness and Daniella Dayoub of DFitLife: Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle for a 1-2 punch on all things “Suspension Training for Triathletes.”


1)  What the common form mistakes are on suspension trainers

2) How to fix them

3) How to organize a kick-butt, full-body workout to reset your core and reboot your bum

4) How to approach performance nutrition to get new PR’s and still keep your sanity

When: Tuesday, Aug 25th
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm
Cost: $35 on site the evening of the workshop.

Members of the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club, contact IPF for special club member pricing!

Al Painter is an endurance and strength training expert, TRX qualified instructor, NASM CPT, CES, PES, BA

Daniella Dayoub is the cutting edge nutrition go-to person with fitness finess.  Certified through NIWH, ACE, NASM CES, PES, TRX, EFFA.


Please contact IPF for more information.

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