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Private Training programs are designed to get you as fit as possible while being motivating & fun!
Individual Training – Strength training programs are based on taking you through a proven 20 week 5 phase plan with one goal: Get you as fit as possible!
Group Strength Classes offer variety with different exercises for each phase ensuring fitness gains.



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“2011 Excellence in Customer Satisfaction”
– Talk of the Town and Celebration Media

“Best Peninsula Personal Trainer”
– Palo Alto Daily News 2010 People’s Choice Awards

“Best Bay Area Personal Trainer”
– CitySports Magazine

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Al Painter - Integrate Performance Fitness, Palo Alto CA
Al Painter, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, BA

Al Painter is a personal training who believes that core strength is the common denominator to all successful movement. Read more.

Al is also the Fitness Editor for; in addition to being a cast member on the site’s podcast, as well as FitPro Expert on Read more.




INTEGRATE Performance Fitness  – Into your life, into your health, into longevity!

Are you considering a Fitness Trainer or Fitness Program?  INTEGRATE Performance Fitness is located in Palo Alto, CA and is available for semi-private (2-3 people) and large group sessions.

  • Check out our calendar of events and join us today.
  • Have question? Drop a line and get some answers.
  • Al is happy to speak to you about a fitness plan to meet (and surpass) your goals.

About Al Painter, BA, NASM-CPT, CES, PES & Fitness Trainer

Al Painter is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist as well as an Corrective Exercise Specialist. He also holds a degree in Communications from Santa Clara University. His area of specialty is endurance athlete specific strength training.

Check out why people rave about INTEGRATE Performance Fitness!

Al has also been named “Best Bay Area Personal Trainer” by CitySports Magazine as well as being the recipient of a “People’s Choice Award” from Palo Alto Daily News.

Latest Articles

Do It Yourself Endurance Athlete Strength Training


Increased core strength is the key to a successful injury free event season.

Are you swimmer, cyclists or runner who is looking for an endurance athlete specific strength training program you can do on your own, but don’t know where to start? Do you need help with programming how many, how much and how often? Are you unsure about form or the right exercises to do?

If so, then the IPF Do It Yourself Strength Coaching program is your solution. This training program has been created based on several successful years of working with runners, riders, swimmers and triathletes to address the issues that most endurance athletes experience:

  • Tight hips
  • Loss of range of motion in the thoracic spine that can cause shoulder pain
  • Improper glute function
  • Limited shoulder mobility
  • Reduced ankle mobility
  • Tight IT bands leading to knee issues
  • Elbow pain while swimming
  • Low back issues climbing or running
  • Decreased function of the posterior chain that is critical to a pain free season

This is an incredibly effective approach that has proven to increase performance levels and reduce the chances of sustaining an injury. It has been specifically by someone who has raced and gets what endurance athletes need to get stronger, more mobile, more stable, and best of all FASTER.

The IPF Advantage

  • A proven program that has produced results.
  • An award winning strength coach who gets exactly what endurance athletes need.
  • You get a monthly group workout to go over the next phase of training.
  • A program specifically designed to “undo” endurance sports training.
  • Interaction with the person who created the program if you need help.

The biggest advantage with this approach is you get video of you doing the exercises on your mobile device to insure that you both understand how to perform each exercise, and that you’re doing it correctly.

This includes giving you the proper regression of an exercise where necessary. This is a critical component that very often gets overlooked when people train.

You will get the personal approach to distance training that is essential to a successful program!

Program Details

  • Monthly meeting to refresh your workouts
  • A complete dynamic warmup
  • Strength Training Program
  • Corrective exercises on off days when necessary
  • A detailed written template to work from.
  • You can email me with any questions you’ve got.
  • Access to an award winning strength coach who has raced and gets how to train endurance athletes.
 If you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, contact IPF today to set up an appointment!
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8 Reasons Why Deadlifts + Cyclists = Fast


Uphill power brought to you by the letters R-D-L.

I’ve been riding a mountain bike since 2001. Even raced one for quite a few years picking up a some wins along the way.  In that whole time, there was one constant.

Well two really.

1) The agonizing irony of choosing a sport with the word “mountain” in it.

In spite of fat tire fun inducing an adverse allergic reaction in my legs (well, soul really, if we’re being honest) to climbing, I still love the sport. Hate to climb, love to mountain bike. Go figure.

The reason being my parents blessed me with the ability to go very fast for a very short amount of time. Its that whole fast twitch vs slow twitch vs DNA thing. Hence, my legs needing an epi pen when its time to climb.

If you needed a stolen base or a bunt beat out for a hit, having my phone number was a great resource. If you need people for a :15-3:00 sprint type bike relay, I’m your guy.

Need something longer than that? While I won’t embarass the team, you won’t get much closer to the top step of the podium with me riding for you.

I’m not going out on much of a limb when I say most (like 90+%!) of all uphill STRAVA KOM’s are safe from my bike.

2) Lifting weights kept my body online and ready to ride.

I was always easily able to tell what my bike performance was going to be based on if I had spent time on the gym floor, particularly deadlifting, KB swinging and single leg RD-ELL-ing (yes, totally a word!). When I did these things, the posterior chain was online and I could scream “MR SCOTT! WE NEED MORE POWER!!” and he’d open the nitrous tanks and flood my legs with more go go giddyup juice.

Neglect the gym, and well, “Kiptin, I’m giving’er all she’s got, and she can’t give n’morrrre” was his response to my pleas for power. That was a horrible attempt at connecting Star Trek to cycling in case your galaxy doesn’t have the interwebz, cable or DirectTV btw. Loosely translated, the days I hit my posterior chain with deadlifts and hinge work, I always rode better 24 hours later.

There are a ton of reasons why we should ALL be hinging and deadlifting. If you head over to, in a guest post, I give you eight reasons why cyclists need to deadlift. It helps from everything to climbing to cornering and all ports of call in between. Click here to find out why you’ll go faster with a little vitamin RDL in your body.

Thanks a ton to Karen Koutsavlis for the opportunity to write for her site!

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5 For Friday: Fitness Facts You Should Read

It isn't easy being green is it Supey????

It isn’t easy being green is it Supey????

There has been a ton of news coming from the Batman v Superman movie camp which has me, PSYCHED! There is supposed to be an epic battle that is a visual extravaganza. I’m putting my money behind the Dark Knight to take down the big blue boy scout btw.

I’ll give you two words as to why. Green. Rock.

C’mon, how awesome can you be if a rock (A ROCK) can take you out??? Not very in this reporter’s opinion (yes, I see the Clark Kent irony on that one!).

Especially if you hide that rock on a lead lined block???? C’MON SMALLS!! You’re Killing me here! Game, set and match to Batman.

With that being said, improving your fitness levels is one of the things that will make it harder for something to bring you down (like a green rock maybe??). Each week I read a ton of articles about such topics, and there were some pretty good ones I came across, that I’m sharing in this week’s “5 For Friday: Fitness Facts You Should Read.”

Read the articles, become a more informed fitness consumer! On that note, I’ve got some space in my Tu/Th 7am morning metabolic training group class and Done For You Fitness training program. If you live in the Silicon Valley and want to be trained with a proven a approach to getting stronger, drop me a line and let’s get you going!

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